What is in1?

We offer modular processing tools to upgrade your 2D multispectral EO data. Apply the artificially intelligent enhancement algorithm of your choice to the data of your choice. We are the affordable alternative for high quality EO data, accessible in the cloud from wherever you and your data are and delivering you enhanced data in a couple of seconds. Jump over to our about page or documentation for more information!

What AI enhancement algorithms does in1 offer?

Currently, in1 offers super-resolution algorithms for Sentinel-2. In the works is also haze removal for Sentinel-2. Both algorithms are in development for PlanetScope and SuperView-1.

Is in1 for me?

Are you an EO professional, whether in analytics, data or platform provider services and want to get more out of your EO data? Then in1 is the solution for your EO data enhancement. Also, we love to have your feedback and are open to hearing of new applications for in1. Get in touch with us for further inquiries.

Who is behind in1?

The in1 service is created by Sobolt, a high tech AI company from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with support and funding from the European Space Agency (ESA). We are an international team of physicists, AI scientists, business developers and engineers. Get to know us more through our about page.

Why in1 and not others?

We are the front-runner for affordable, on demand, and cloud-accessible transformation of your EO product into super resolved and AI enhanced data, maintaining the quality of the original source, in a couple of seconds.


What is the pricing strategy?

There are four credits packages, providing higher discounts the more credits are purchased at once. These credits are spent per square kilometer to be processed and are valid for a year. The exact prices can be found on our pricing page.

How can I try in1?

Contact us and we can organize a free demonstration with your data!

Do I buy a subscription?

No, customers purchase credits, not a subscription.

Do my credits expire?

All packages’ credits are valid for one year of use.

Which package is suitable for me?

We provide a range of packages to accommodate various needs, differing in the amount of credits that can be purchased. More credits allow greater quantities of data to be processed. Head over to our pricing page to see which one suits you best.


From a high-level perspective, how does in1 work?

The in1 algorithms are available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Sobolt runs RESTful API servers which can be talked to via standard HTTP requests or using the client libraries written for Python. HTTP requests are made using a unique API key, identifying the user making use of the service. Visit for more technical documentation

Does in1 or Sobolt keep the image data after processing it?

No, image data is only processed to provide the service requested (for example super resolution), but is not stored. After the API request is completed, no copy of it is kept.

Is my sensitive information secure?

Sobolt is committed to protecting all sensitive information, as per the ISO-27001 standard for information security.

What kind of data can in1 process?

The input to in1 is a standard georaster, in particular GeoTIFF. Consult our API documentation ( for details.

What format will my data come back in?

Currently, results are returned in the GeoTIFF format including the original georeferencing.

How much data can I process?

The only limit is the amount of credits purchased. Check out our pricing section for an overview of the available plans.

Can I trust in1’s data?

In collaboration with ESA, the in1 team has taken special care to ensure the data quality. This is achieved by including fidelity and enhancement metrics in the processed data. This can also be disabled for improved performance. If you’d like to know details, our team is always happy to talk tech, so contact us.

How is in1 possible?

Our technology is possible thanks to the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and cloud-computing. Sobolt brings together a team from the fields of physics, deep learning and engineering.


Are you open for partnerships?

Are you seeing broader horizons for in1? Let’s get in touch, we are always happy to hear your ideas!

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your data is transferred over the internet using SSL encrypted connections, never leaves our servers and are not stored after processing. If this is not sufficiently safe, in1 will also be available on-premises. Installing it on your own infrastructure gives you full control on where the data goes.

How can I cancel my account?

Account cancellation happens in the account console accessible on