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In1 is a toolbox for improving and enhancing Sentinel-2 imagery. This innovative AI software pushes the architectural boundaries of deep learning techniques and GPU operational capability. The software updates & improves consistently through state-of-the-art testing.

What is in1?

A codeless introduction to the power of in1

The in1 Web version gives you a taste of the magic. With the drag-and-drop interface you can upload your Sentinel-2 data and receive the enhanced data instantly. Great for small usage or testing the possibilities. Once you need more data process, easily transit to the API version whenever you want.

Powerful EO data right at your fingertips

in1 provides you on-demand access to our Super Resolution algorithms for Sentinel-2 through our API. Easily setup your workspace with Linux, MacOS and Windows with the open-source libraries in Python.

Unlock the full potential of EO data

in1 provides featherweight processing for heavy users with our on-premise software. Access our Super Resolution algorithms for Sentinel-2 right there in your private or public cloud. Pricing on request. Contact us to get a quote.

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